Les 5 bonnes raisons de nous rejoindre

By joining the 5àsec network, you take the opportunity to benefit from a dynamic and innovative sector facing little competition.

You partner with a highly experienced franchisor, committed to providing you with all the necessary support to ensure the smooth running and growth of your retail outlet.
By operating under a franchise agreement with 5àsec, you benefit from:

- An independent partnership while being guided, heard and understood

The power of the world leader and the preservation of your identity. Benefit from the network of the most valuable brand in the industry while being independent, heard and understood.
5àsec operates across the 5 continents and in 33 countries with over 1,800 shops, 100,000 customers per day and 1, 800,000 items per week.

- The group’s notoriety and brand image

5àsec has build up the strongest brand image in the marketplace. 75% of French people position 5àsec as the leading dry cleaning brand. Benefit from a national network and numerous opportunities to expand in new markets.

- The franchisor’s extensive experience and know-how

In France, 5àsec has experienced 48 years of exponential growth, with 1,240 trained employees in 2015, 8 regional trainers and 14 training shops.
A dedicated team provides training sessions throughout the year and according to your needs on all the topics that are essential to the smooth running of your activity.

- An evolving concept tailored to each market

Tailored to the market specificities,  5àsec provides the market's largest service offering for both individuals and BtoB customers.

- An innovative partner, able to anticipate the industry new challenges

Digitalization is a major asset for 5àSec success and durability. In addition to being the only brand with an integrated R&D department, 5àsec also has the required resources to remain one step ahead and develop exclusive processes that are both increasingly efficient and eco-friendly.